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I stepped out of my house and
noticed that my garden was all
full of weeds
So I got down on my knees
Rolled up my sleeves
and started pulling things

Years went by
I stopped to get an Americano
Looked down at my work
and swore to God someone
was fooling me

Because everything had grown back
I was like if I would have known that
I would have just copped a six pack
and gotten blown back

Not the type to give in though
And so I carbed up
Took off my shirt
and began my second attack

With the weed wack and the Roundup
Tearing the fucking ground up
Couldn’t hear my radio
I kept steadily turning the sound up

Until it finally maxed out
That’s when I blew my back out
Looked at my bloody fingers
with confusion and I blacked out

When I came to it was dark
I thought ‘right’
I must have missed the rest of the day
It’s probably night

But when I stood up
I was shook
Because it was midday
and the freshly grown weeds
had been completely
obstructing the light


All becomes clear near the end
See all of your fears near the end


Now innovation is my game
Not patience
So I came to the realization
That I had to coexist with these things

So I cut a few down
And mashed them up into a paste
Spread it on my toast
But I didn’t like the taste

I ran some through the juicer
To see what I might extract
But when I ingested it
It just induced pain
in my digestive tract

So I cut some down and dried it
Then I broke it up and smoked it
For a minute I felt nothing
But then my brain split open

I rose up above my little house
Above my little town
I couldn’t see my garden soon
Just mountains clouds and oceans

And as I came back down
I saw the other people illing
Standing in their backyards
Just bugging out and killing

Everything they didn’t like
Everything that didn’t fit
Everything they thought was ugly
Everything they deemed unfit

Now there’s no way this was real
I’m sure I was only dreaming
But to this day I swear
The weeds sounded just like people screaming


All becomes clear near the end
See all of your fears near the end


from Coolsay, released February 3, 2015
Coolzey - Vocals and Keyboards
Soce the Elemental Wizard - Music
Belly Belt - Vocals and Kaosillator




Coolzey Los Angeles, California

Golden era hip-hop roots planted in black Iowa dirt are the foundation. Growth tempered by alternative era rock influence. This along with a love for the juxtaposition of the dark, horrific nature of life paired with a slapstick and comedic view of the world allow for a wide, unpredictable arsenal ranging from soul-spilling indie bedroom rock to wise-cracking battle rap and on to radio pop. ... more

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