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Heteronormative Cisgender Lover

by Coolzey

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Andrew Jerome
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Andrew Jerome Has the Cassette for Heteronormative Cisgender Lover shipped out as of yet... just checking in... Aaaand You Rock, BTW! 😁🤘 Favorite track: Heteronormative Cisgender Lover.


The second single from the upcoming Coolzey album ‘This Is Lounge Rap’ explores the feelings of the artist arriving at a point in his life whereupon he finds himself realizing through therapy and experience that he most identifies as queer, pansexual and most importantly polyamorous after going through years of monogamous heterosexual relationships due to burying queer tendencies and past experiences for personal and societal reasons yet still holding on to the emotions of love for past partners. Featuring music production by El Paso’s Wise/Weapon.


Love doesn’t often stay
In May comes and goes end of summer
You could have it either way
Chill platonically or be lovers
We took it all the way
Passion was burning and we no longer could suffer
But then you threw it all away
All because you couldn’t bear to be another

Heteronormative Cisgender Lover

Never thought I’d see the day
From Christianity we would recover
But the children of today
Are much smarter than you father mother
Don’t treat your lover like a slave
Let go your jealous ways
There’s no need to hover
Reprogram how you behave
Please don’t turn the one you love into another

Heteronormative Cisgender Lover

Somebody save me from these radio pop songs
Full of anguish and pain crying in the rain
Talking about they got wronged
They say please be true
But that’s messed up
Because everybody thinks of other lovers
But imagine if they fessed up
And really told the truth
Hell no they’d rather pretend
Husband and wife
Love of my life
Well that may be but jealousy drives most of them crazy
So what do they do
Insure attachment with a baby
Yeah now you really got them locked in
But as happens so often
Desperation sets into the rot and
Now their poor kid’s strapped in the middle
Of a riddle that they can’t solve
Collecting woes they’ll carry to the coffin
Everyone outside of their family becomes the enemy
It saddens me the way they use the word loyalty
As if they’re in a street gang and jumped each other in
Trying to tell a poly person that they’re living in sin
This clique mentality is breeding ground for phobia
If you don’t fit into their narrow worldview
Nice knowing you
Blowing you kisses of judgment
Calling you promiscuous behind your back
All of a sudden where the love went
Can’t you understand that everybody’s on their own trip
You see me
I’m not trying to go out on the bro tip
I’m not Narcissus chilling in a convent
I like to get busy as long as their is consent

Heteronormative Cisgender Lover

I just want you to be you
Darling please just tell me true
I’ll always be there for you
Unless you don’t want me to
I don’t want to make you do
Anything you don’t want to
Only thing I ask of you
Is be true to yourself
Just let me know if I can help

Every day i think of you
Memories will get me through
I’ll always be kind to you
Won’t be cruel no I refuse
I just want to be of use


released September 20, 2019
Coolzey - Vocals
Wise/Weapon - Music
Mary Bozaan - Backing Vocals
Flat Black Studios - Mix and Master


all rights reserved



Coolzey Fairfield, Iowa

Golden era hip-hop roots planted in black Iowa dirt are the foundation. Growth tempered by alternative era rock influence. This along with a love for the juxtaposition of the dark, horrific nature of life paired with a slapstick and comedic view of the world allow for a wide, unpredictable arsenal ranging from soul-spilling indie bedroom rock to wise-cracking battle rap and on to radio pop. ... more

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