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Hexadecimal Chess Geeks (feat Twill Distilled)

by Prowess the Testament and Jesse Dangerously



Court cases, sore faces, my sword, cut open smiles to reveal Scorcese’s
Or Score-sese, it’s more Wesley, More dangerous than Jesse, I snipe besties, who wanna test she, Blow like Gilespie, dizzy, you feeling zesty, you don’t impress me, I’m smoother than jet ski’s & cooler than Yeti’s, on rulers with Jet Li, earned a Pulitzer, writing code on computers, my chest reads, S where the X meets…ha, seXy, flesh and hexadecimal chess geeks, Outta your best leagues, capiche, peep the motion picture, I'm a true tease, it’s juicy, my nudies belong in the movies, been getting rupees, your magic coins don’t amuse me, lift a kufi, eat this two piece, with a Smoothie, cinema get ya unruly, sleeping dragon became a sleeping beauty, but don’t confuse me…I got a duty, somebody call Coolzey, I’m clicking heels filled with rubies, I’m signing Boobies, #Boobcore, and I ain’t got no groupies, how tragic, black magic, with Moodie, still a newbie, throw some hail mary’s to Rudy, he was Mikey in Goonies, I be pop, pop, poppins like Julie, Andrews, rocking Patchouli, while the fans view, touchdowns to Lucy, eating Peanuts with Snoopy, in Katmandhu, the tunes is…looney, we aim to enchant you, I paint with a brush stroke, broader than Matthew, I’m on the Ferris Wheel, dueling with Bueller, the few can see the masterpiece, it's time to upgrade your future...

Clap your hands, do the hexidecimal chess geeks dance
Only you...know your plans...
Only you...make demands for you

I stretch the seconds like hours. I relish the scent of my flowers
My hellish descent is a Testament to my Prowess, no embellishment
Your best defense is: your best friend's ex pretends you're fresh. Alright now,
This takes me back like whipping that white towel like, woww
What's the problem constable? I signed a boob once, we were all uncomfortable
Quit stalling, call the nurse! Pride and prejudice, Colin Firth
These days whats a dollar worth? Only monsters ball when the balling hurts
My fall to earth crushed all the nerds. My flawless words make a solid verse
You could call it irksome, first off I'm a problem not a person
Kyle McLachan, Elle MacPherson. Cast a spell and spell the words wrong
Eff it, my effortless effectiveness speaks to you and leads you like the
Bulbasaurs who would see to the wounded Detective Pikachu
They'll say, "He did the best that he could do," when they reminisce and remember me
And I'm a little bit of everything so it's impossible to misgender me!
Just bend the knee, kiss the sigil ring, I'm every little thing
The hexadecimal chess geeks have come to UPGRADE YOUR FUTURE


released January 22, 2021
Prowess the Testament - Vocals
Jesse Dangerously - Vocals
Twill Distilled - Vocals
Coolzey - Music
Fresh Kils - Mix
Todd Rittman - Master
Wild Grrraphics - Art


all rights reserved



Coolzey Fairfield, Iowa

Golden era hip-hop roots planted in black Iowa dirt are the foundation. Growth tempered by alternative era rock influence. This along with a love for the juxtaposition of the dark, horrific nature of life paired with a slapstick and comedic view of the world allow for a wide, unpredictable arsenal ranging from soul-spilling indie bedroom rock to wise-cracking battle rap and on to radio pop. ... more


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