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from the collaborative EP
by Coolzey & Soce the Elemental Wizard
released in 2015

Coolzey and Soce the Elemental Wizard connect cross-continent LA to NY to create this 5 song EP of all new hip-hop and indie pop records just for you.

'When I first started touring as Coolzey with Schaffer the Darklord around 2005, Mark would show me rad contemporary music (I was still stuck in the 90s) that I didn't know about. He showed me the video for Soce's 'Sad and Lonely' ( ) and I was just taken by the fierce and dark comedic juxtaposition of Soce's happy beats and voice with the tragic subject matter. We became friends shortly thereafter. Our collaboration 'Graduation Day' from 'Coolzey and the Search for the Hip Hop Hearts' is the most popular jam from that album ( ) . I get more requests to perform it at shows than any other song in my catalogue. I wanted to try and capture the same juxtaposition of slapstick comedy and serious tragedy in my lyrics that moved me in Soce's work while still retaining my voice.

I also am a strong supporter of Andrew being an unapologetically openly gay rapper in the homophobic hip hop world. I support gay rights and feel that the gay community is still not anywhere near as accepted as they should be in the present day. I was even kicking around the idea of titling the album 'Support Gay Rights or Die' just to get it into people's faces but I felt that it would have been misleading to the content, and we settled for the more inviting 'Coolsay'. These 5 songs were whittled down from at least twice as many that I was working on. There was a bonus 6th track available only with the pre-sale, and then it was purposefully vaulted.' -Coolzey


First up on the list is a victim
Was a big fish in a small town
Whoever listened
he would tell tales
Of how he was running shit
But really he was just sniffin blow and playing Call of Duty Til the AM
Sleepin all day he stopped payin for the drugs
Started burnin wannabe small town thugs over ounces of green
Collecting guns
His little team disbanded
On some mutiny
He even took his family for loot
Sitting on a dirty futon
Cleaning his pieces
That he never shoot
Bearing no fruit
Telling his friends back on the East Coast
That these little Midwest kids is getting taken for they milquetoast
But really now he's all alone
When he's off the phone
Burned too many bridges
Bad business bad karma
Now he's itchin
To take the weight off
And be free from it
Starin down the barrel
To see what he could see from it

He caught the drama

Next up on the list
Is a sister
Lookin for love in the wrong places
Whoever kissed her
Fell into a web of worries and stress
Yes duress was the only way she knew
How to express her love
She would push pull and shove
Until her lover would snap
She didn't know that she was
Baiting a trap
Caught up in a circle of vicious
never thought for a sec that she would have to stand trial
For her selfish ways
So she kept stackin the days
Full of scorn and malaise
Putting her lover in a haze of confusion that eventually would turn to regret
But she had no sympathy or respect for their predicament
She just kept living with this sense of self entitlement
But nobody owed her shit
She was just a spoiled American brat
Who never gave back
Until her body turned to dirt then she was forced to at last

She caught the drama

Last and straight least
Less a man than a beast
Another hot shot kid
Who Joined the local police
No compassion or remorse
Quick to use brute force
He would take out his aggression
If he didn’t endorse
Your lifestyle
Lucky if you made it to trial
Because he saw fit to judge men
Brown skin was a no no
Woe unto a brother
Coming to his town solo
No laws were broken
Probable cause invokin
the self-righteous Christian
Puritan on a mission
What he didn’t know though
When harrassin a homo
Who was just hanging out
his homie caught it on a Go Pro
Now the whole world know
Bigotry no longer local
Hate mail and death threats
That’s when his wife left
She took the kids
They took his badge and left him
with his gun
Slid the barrel
in his mouth and squeezed
the trigger like a coward
He went out like a sucker
For abusing his power

He caught the drama


from Coolzey Sampler Platter 2016, track released February 3, 2015
Coolzey - Vocals and Studio Production
Soce the Elemental Wizard - Music and Beats,
Belly Belt - Guest Vocals
Joelle Grabowski - Guest Vocals
Luke Tweedy - Engineer
Jennifer Hennesy - Artwork




Coolzey Los Angeles, California

Golden era hip-hop roots planted in black Iowa dirt are the foundation. Growth tempered by alternative era rock influence. This along with a love for the juxtaposition of the dark, horrific nature of life paired with a slapstick and comedic view of the world allow for a wide, unpredictable arsenal ranging from soul-spilling indie bedroom rock to wise-cracking battle rap and on to radio pop. ... more


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